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How to Choose Your Wedding Gifts?

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Wedding gift is a must. Giving the gift represents appreciation to your partner.

I gave my wife many wedding gifts during the wedding day,

I made those gifts for her.

I generated the ideas a few days before the wedding day and completed the wind charm on the eve of wedding day.

There are many other gifts you can make.

You can write a card telling how much you love your partner and thanking him or her for coming into your life.

You can give her another diamond ring but again not all women like this idea as it is too common.

You can DIY most of the wedding gifts. DIY makes your wedding gifts special, unique and one of a kind.
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Wedding DIY Wedding Favors

Personally I feel that wedding is once a life-time thing and if we want to plan it, we put in our best.

Ideally, we would like to get whatever we want. However, there is always the constraint of budget.

I was looking through my folders in my desktop and happened to find some wedding favors’ photos that I have downloaded in the past from singaporebrides.com forum

This lady was very creative and she did her own wedding favors.

She posted these photos in the forum to share with other members like me.

wedding favor

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Wedding Gift for Bridesmaids

To the Bride, Bridesmaids are important helpers who ensure that the Bride is relaxed and she enjoys her Big day.

Bridesmaids’ roles can be broken down into few groups.

There is a Chief Bridesmaid who oversee the schedule of the bride.

There is a Personal Assistant who assist the bride in looking in her best by touching up her make-up to running errands for her such as fetching drinks or picking up items that the bride forgot.

There are some Bridesmaids who could be male too and they are the drivers who ferry the ladies around.

Bridesmaids are selected from the category of the closest friends to the Bride. These are the best of friends who step forward to help the bride because they wanted to.

To them, it doesn’t matter if they are rewarded. They just want to do it because they are the best of pals to the Bride and they wanted the best for her.

The Bride may consider buying them presents, even though there are many cases that the Bridesmaids won’t want them.

This is an example of gift that can be given to the Bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids’ Gift

Wedding Favors

I saw this website from another friend in forum and it is about wedding favors.
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Gifts from Seoul & Jeju, Korea

These are the gifts that we bought back from Korea. Enjoy watching >.<