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My Cousin’s Wedding Part 1 – Wedding Games

Chinese wedding game dish

I remember the wedding games for me during my wedding. There were different types of food that resembles the 4 aspects of a marriage life – sourness, sweetness, bitterness and spiciness.

I remembered my wife’s bridesmaids prepared a breakfast for me and my groomsmen – sugarcane, dark chocolate, lime and small chili. It was really a memorable breakfast for us.

As much as we dislike the games we had, we still had to go through time, especially for me. I even remembered pole-dancing and one of my groomsmen acted as a pole.

How embarrasing! It was funny when I look back now.

Chinese wedding game cricket burger

My cousin’s fiance was not that lucky and so were the groomsmen who tagged along.

Last Sunday was her wedding and I reached her house at 6.30am.

Her sisters (bridesmaids) were already there preparing breakfast for the groom and his envoy.

Let me tell you the menu for each person:
1. One cup of lychee drink mixed with concentrated lime juice
2. One hamburger with chilli padi mixed with microwaved crickets and maggots
3. One slice of lime
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