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My Wedding Story Continues … Committment

sweet couple
photo from pedrigues

I remember a friend told me that getting married is easy. But making your marriage works is even harder.

He is a proud father of 3 daughters, age 10, 12 and 16 and he has a lovely wife.

Many times, I am wondering how many children do we have in our new family.

Having planned our wedding and our nice honeymoon, we are now in debt. I think in Singapore, many couples are. Maybe 8 out of 10.

There are different types of debts, be it you loan your money from the bank or from your parents or from friends.

There are the lucky few who got their weddings fully sponsored by their parents.

Are they really lucky?
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A Wedding Story

sweet couple
photo from nejron

Let me share with you a story.

“There is this guy who planned to have his wedding soon. But it is going to be a surprise for his girlfriend.

He has a job which offers not much for saving up. And he knows that if it carries on to be like this, his savings won’t be enough for his wedding.

It was not easy to save up for his wedding as you know, wedding is expensive. But this guy does not give up easily.

He plans his wedding at this date in his life time, so he makes it a point he will make sure it comes true.

He works very hard for 2 years, working in the morning in his full time job and having part-time which starts right after his work and it normally ends off at 11pm.

It was not easy and this tiredness and exhaustion carry on for 18 months.

It was not easy but the guy is committed to himself and his life and he has only a dream which is to have his wedding day as planned.”

Finally did the guy has his wedding? We shall find out.
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