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101 Ways To Have A Stress Free Wedding

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Inevitably, wedding stress will come to you no matter how well-prepared you are.

There will be little amount of stress initially. With a bit of stress is healthy, in a way you can be on your toes, making sure everything is well prepared. It only means that the wedding meant alot to you and you are committed to see it work, no matter what.

As your wedding day draw nears, more and more things come to mind and you may end up tired and stressed out. There will be at times you feel pulled in four corners.

You soon realised that you can’t breathe.

So, knowing the wedding stress is there, how can you reduce and manage your wedding stress.

If you are the bride:
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5 Tips On How To Handle Wedding Stress

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Whether you like it or not, stress will come and haunt you while you are happily preparing for your big day.

Initally you may not be aware of it.

You will feel a little overwhelmed when you first sit down and start planning your wedding checklist.

Then while looking at the tremendous number of tasks to do (from inviting the guests to making your own wedding invitation cards), you will tell yourself “I think I can do it.”

As months passed, and your energy is drained due to the amount of work and sapped by the people around you (mostly by your mother-in-law), you find yourself feeling tired and listless and maybe even scared.

And worse, your fiance is not supportive and doesn’t provide a listening ear. All he just says is “Don’t worry.”

You feel unheard and you are going to break down now, if not soon.

Have you ever felt this way before?

We all had this experience and it is normal to feel it.

The “secrets” to not breaking down is to be aware of your wedding stress and know how to handle your wedding stress.

* * * * * *

1. Talk it out to someone who listens
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Top 5 Problems While Planning Wedding

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Unless you are planning to marry yourself and only yourself, you will bound to meet the following problems which are going to (and I repeat) are going make you feel burnt out before your wedding day.

While many soon-to-wed couples are so excited about their big day coming, most will agree with me that the journey towards this new transition doesn’t come easy.

There are many emotive words to describe this nuptial from anxious, to nerve-wrecking to devastating to “I want to kill you” feelings.

* * * * * *

1. Are we really compatible? – the bride said
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Going Insane Because of Your Wedding Stress?

I have heard of this saying that if you want to drive a woman crazy, all you need to do is to let her plan a wedding, preferably her own.

I think it is very true.

She will go insane because of the people around her incuding her parents, her fiance, her family and the people she has to work with.

1. How will her parents drive her insane?

If you are planning your wedding, you will know what I meant. Parents want the best for their daughter, but they didn’t know that they cause more harm.

Have you ever feel as if your parent, especially your mom is planning for her own wedding?

She would want you to wear certain color, especially red for the Chinese as it represents good fortune.

I remembered my mother-in-law wanted my wife to choose a bright red wedding gown and it looked so odd. Nowadays, youngsters like us want to choose contemporary color which suit our character and the current trend.

Can you imagine wearing your mom’s wedding gown now?
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