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Tired of Smiling? 5 Ways To Keep Smilling!

smiley bride
photo from ddotdesign

Before your wedding ceremony, do you do warm up for your cheeks?

You won’t want to over-stress them and have numbed cheeks at the end of your wedding day.

During my big day, I just can’t stop smiling. I have to. There are cameras ponting towards me all the time.

I feel tired after noon time. But I have no choice.

“So, Jhong Ren, keep on smiling!”

So, I have found some creative ways to keep smiling, even if my cheeks were numbed or when I didn’t feel like to.

So, here you can learn the secrets on how to keep smiling and enjoy your wedding day (beside looking at happy items such as “the happiest blog“.)
1. It is only a day
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