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Why Use A Wedding Planner To Organise Your Wedding Day

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With thousands of weddings occurring every single month in the UK, and average wedding day costs well into 5 figure sums, surely there is the need for professional wedding planners to help organise your wedding day, isn’t there?

Surely the bride wants to plan her wedding day herself, right down to the very last kiss goodbye at the end of the night? We look at whether to plan your own wedding day, or just sit back and let someone else take the stress.

Planning your own wedding

Some brides have been planning their wedding day from the first time they were a bridesmaid aged 6! Others start planning minutes after the proposal! I even know someone who went out and bought her wedding dress the morning after the proposal, but why not?
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4 Ways On How You Should Choose Your Wedding Planner!

I was in Hong Kong for about 7 days and met up with one of my wife’s friends, who may be getting married next year or so.

It is really common for couples in Hong Kong to engage wedding planners to help plan their weddings.

It is of no surprise to me as wedding planning service is getting more and more common nowadays especially when both brides and grooms are working and it really take discipline to carfully manage their own wedding.

My wife’s friend, G told us that in Hong Kong, it may cost up to S$30,000 (at least!) to have their wedding. And friends around them often engage wedding planners.

Thus, it appears normal and common sensical to them to engage one too.

I’m not sure how reliable wedding planners are, especially I have heard stories of some wedding planners who screw up weddings rather than making them a success.
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