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Email from Sandra: Wedding Stressful and Overwhelming!

From Sandra:

“Hi Jhong Ren

Thanks for the reply and for your amazing blog, the information available is pretty comprehensive and useful.

I am currently at the stage of planning my wedding for next year .. toughest aspect is to decide the exact date and to agree on what exactly do we want for our wedding. My fiance is really busy and seems like I have to be the one doing most of the work … I want a simple garden wedding reception while his parents expect a grand wedding dinner with really good food and I just feel overwhelmed and unsupported with the responsibility…..currently at the stage of feeling stressed and afraid that I might become a bridezilla …

Hee .. sorry that I have to offload like that … just needed a neutral party who understands … wedding matters can plan, but relationship issues cannot plan …

Need to be reminded to keep my focus on our relationship … not let all the wedding affairs affect us … want to be there for the long haul … trying my best to keep myself at peace …”

My thoughts:
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3 Sales Techniques All Wedding Bridal Studio Have Used on You

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excited newlyweds

Do you know why you end up spending more than you should? Yes or no?

Because from the very start, the bridal studios, being commercial companies are out there to raise their profits and empty every cent out of your pocket if they can.

There are a few techniques that the sales team are trained to do and in fact trained to do very well.

1. Making you feel at ease

The sales team is out there to be your friend. Won’t you trust them more and believe more in what they recommend if they are your friends?

It is a sales technique of making you lower your resistance to accept their sales pitch. First they make you feel defenseless. Then, they strike and eat you up or to be precise, eat your money up. All of them!

2. Upselling

Thought you are just going to spend what you have initially planned? Nope, you are wrong. You are going to spend at least 1.5 times to 4 times more if you are not careful.
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7 Must-Know Before Confirming Your Bridal Studio!!!

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bride wedding shoes

I have the luxury of knowing the boss of my bridal studio and this makes the difference in terms of treatment from their employees.

I have heard of unfair treatment of “ordinary” clients just because of the lower value of bridal package they have paid.

It is not easy to tolerate this kind of treatment. It is going to make you feel from uneasy to angry to frustrated and eventually to helpless.

Wedding planning is supposed to be fun and things are supposedly to go along as plan. The professional bridal service providers are supposed to be professional enough to give the best customer service to any customer and at least treat them all equally.

These are all the assumptions before wedding planning. This is the kind of image portrayed by bridal magazines and tv commercials.

No one really knows that biasness still exist even between customers and bridal studio staff.

It literally means staff gives different service to different customers they are serving.

There are 7 pointers to take note even before signing on the dotted line:

1. Sales person is not the same as those coordinators who will eventually serve you.
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Wedding Negotiation…Never Be the Loser

Many brides emailed me telling me how tough it was to bargain with the hotel coordinators…

It was tough for them even to request for something that they truly deserve.

red wine

It could be free corkages for another 10 more bottles of wines…Or another Free Helper’s room…or Free food tasting…

I have heard brides saying that “they will try”…or “they will see the mood of the coordinator”…or “the coordinators are so experienced. They just won’t barged. What can I do?”

Seriously, I am someone who don’t even know how to bargain. I will always take the first offer.

Wedding planning isn’t easy and that is why I bought this to help me…

I didn’t learn bargaining until the hotel that I had my wedding dinner at was too irresponsible. It was then we felt we must do something about it. If not, we would feel like mistreated.

What actually happened at the hotel was that our coordinator resigned. It was already the second time. 2 staff left in 5 months.

However, the new coordinator didn’t inform us. It was when we emailed our coordinator, then the new one replied us saying that she had “taken a long leave”. By that time, it was about a month before our wedding.

When we called the hotel, the Director of Food & Beverage said that she was on study-leave. When we wanted to bring this matter up to the Director of Business Management, she said that she had resigned too and now one of the managers in the same department had taken over as the acting-Director.

Wow, 2 staffs left the department and it must be something awfully worng that had happened.
The worse thing is the hotel herself was not even sure if she had quitted or she was on long leave. Or are they throwing to hide “something”?

We felt that the life of our wedding dinner was endangered!!
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Negotiating with Hotel…Anyone?

Around this time last year, me and my fiancee were desperately searching for the right hotel for our wedding.

We emailed about 50 hotels and only 25 replied and from these 25 hotels, we shortlisted them based on prices, accessibility and the number of tables they could accomodate.

I’m not saying the hotels’ ballrooms were too small to fit our wedding. The opposite is in fact the case. Not many hotels can accomodate to only 18 tables or less.

At that point in time, being new to the wedding industry, we were absolutely clueless of what to do in planning our wedding. Luckily, my friends were willing to help out.

They helped me to negotiate. They have strong negotiation skills.

wedding negotiation

Seriously, we were not very good negotiators and that was why we needed help.

These were the times I found it helpful to ask for more perks or freebies.

1. Before signing the contract, ask for more free corkages and any other freebies or special requests you have. If the sales manager is unable to compromise, just bring your business to other hotels.

2. There will be a time when you and the hotel coordinator will sit with you and your spouse-to-be to discuss the programmes in details. So this is time you can tell your coordiantor your requests…

Some requests that you can make:
1. More free corkages
2. More helpers room
3. More guest book
4. Free wedding cake AND bottle of champagne
5. In any case if the given helper’s room is not to be used on actual day, ask for the days to be shifted to some other days when you can come back for a holiday.