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15 Ways to Save Money if Your Wedding is in 1 Year’s Time

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Planning a wedding is always a challenge, and the bride and groom with the best of intentions, will find it difficult to remain under budget for this once-in-a-lifetime event. A wedding is usually planned over a year or two and while many couples rely on their parents funding the entire event, others will pay for it themselves, and herein lies the problem.

After living together perhaps for a few years and essentially sharing finances already, a couple getting married will not necessarily have enough money for a wedding. Now, I am not saying that parents are any more likely to have tons of money lying around, but a new couple just starting their lives together will find the burden overwhelming and may get into trouble soon into their married lives. To put an end to all this and plan ahead to get extra cash, is what every couple should do. If your wedding is in 1 year, you still have enough time to save up for this huge occasion.
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10 Cool Tips On Saving Money For Your Wedding!

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Wedding is a day of blessing but if you do not manage your finance properly, it can be the darkest days of your life.

There are many reasons why brides overspend and overblow their budget, not saving enough penny for their after-wedding life. I shall explore more on such reasons for other posts.

As for how brides and grooms can save money during their wedding-planning, there are plenty of ways out there. And here are 10 cool tips on how you can now save money.

1. Debt consolidation – You can’t escape debts. So one of the ways to pay lower interest rates is to consolidate them. This way is advisable especially after you have paid most of your wedding expenses using your credit cards. Look for a reliable company which may even be able to give you credit counseling.
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No Money? 5 Ways On How To Save For Your Wedding!

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Finding it hard to accept the fact that your saving account is depleting? It is normal.

I have found it hard to accept the fact that my hard-earned savings are being drained.

Just how come wedding costs such boom? Isn’t there any way that can help me spend less?

It was only after my wedding, I have discovered 5 ways which can help you to save more money.

If you are still scratching your head to find out how to cut corners from your wedding expenses, fret no more. I recommend these methods to you and you should be able to save up to a few thousands or even have your wedding for free.

Imagine a sponsored wedding? Hmmm, not bad. =)
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