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Let There Be Light

Below are some of the photos from Let There Be Light. (actually, the link broke so I replaced them with antevy.com photos)

The photos are really very beautiful. (edited on 14/3/06: I have no idea what happened to the photos at Let There Be Light photos…anyway..i added some antevy.com photos so that my readers can see photos.)

Go see…

wedding photo

wedding photo

wedding photo

wedding photo

These photos are taken at my cousin’s wedding. And the bride has become my cousin-in-law…and the smiling aunty is my aunty.

Coincidentally, my cousin and I engaged the same photographer, Ant who happened to move to set up another company called anyevy.com

(I think my cousin’s assignment is the last one Ant took. So that he can rush out our photos..what dedicated photographer!!! We waited for 1 month plus la….which is a decent period.)

Confusing, isn’t it? Both are named Ant except one ends with Ant”z”. Hehehe…many of friends had asked me so which will I recommend. I say follow where the photographer goes to.

Ant used to be from “Let There Be Light” and this is their website web site . Happy viewing!!!

My Very Pretty Cousin ROM Today

My VERY pretty cousin ROM today!!!

And these are the photos taken by me. >.< Happy Viewing!!!

To benefit brides and grooms who will be ROM-ing soon, this is her rough schedule for the day

10am – call every relative to formally invite them to her ROM
10.30am – Vist Make-Up artist to do her make-up and have her hair done

(1pm – My mom and I had reached the Registry of Marriage)
1.20pm – The arrival of my pretty cousin
1.30pm – Take of photos with the wedding couple
2pm – standby at the door of ROM and take queue number

Inside ROM:
2.05pm – with relatives & witnesses (normally the fathers), proceed from waiting area to Registry Office
2.05pm to 2.15pm – After saying marriage vows and signing the marriage certificate, the
Solemniser announced them “husband and wife”
2.15pm – Take group photo in the Registry Office

Outside ROM:
2.20pm – Take photos again outside ROM
2.30pm – Proceed to China Square to have tea
3pm – Tea and chit chat and take photos again
4.30pm – Leave the Tea House

I’m so delighted that my cousin had gotten married and I wana wish her and her boyfriend – oppss…no i mean husband all the best!!!

Items that you MUST bring to the Registry of Marriage:
1. Your Wife or Husband
2. Photographer
3. Witnesses
4. Identity cards of wedding couple and witnesses

More links on Wedding Photographer & Wedding Favors

From the singaporebrides.com forum, I have found three more links:

(Photos are linked from their websites.)

Wedding Photographer:
Nick Goh

wedding photo

Edmund Leong

wedding photo

wedding photo

Wedding Favors: TheSimpleFavor

wedding favor

wedding favor

Venues for Outdoor photoshoots

Click here to download this post in pdf file

I have been receiving emails fromy readers asking some of the places they can go for outdoor photoshoots.

As for me, I took it at the jetty at Changi Village. At the baach, there is this round bridge surrounding a restaurant shaped like a hut. I think it is just behind the SAF chalet.

The other outdoor venue is NTU at Boon Lay. It is the place where I first met her and so the place is full of memories. We took it at a small hill which locates the Administrative Building.

Some other suggestions for outdoor photoshoots:
1. Punggol lallang field
2. Sentosa (sentosa cove, tanjong beach, orchid garden, asian village)
3. Fullerton…
4. Orchard Road
5. Singapore Arts Museum
6. Botanical Gardens
7. Furama Riverfront (Need to ask permission from hotel)
8. Pulau Ubin and the kelongs
9. Botanical Gardens
10. Changi Beach (carpark 1 & 6)
11. National Museum
12. Raffles Place
13. Supreme Court
14. Kentridge Park (comes with suspension bridge)
15. Telok Blangah Hill Park
16. new Marina South Pier (the one that replace the Clifford Pier)
17. Labrador Park
18. National Stadium before it gets demolished

I have friends in singaporebrides.com forum who shared with me these places. There will be more to come and so I will just add on to the list.

Depends on whether your preference is city view or natural landscape.

Wedding Photoshoot in June 06



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