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What if Bride is Harrassed by a Wedding Photographer?

sad groom and bride

I have heard of some stories of brides harrassed by wedding photographer.

My thoughts:

In fact, at this point in time I have many thoughts in my mind.

One of them is that the photographer is unethical. Even though he is the photographer and many times, he would need to help adjust the bridal gowns such that the bride will look her best, at the same time, he must take care of the welfare of the bride.

I’m not sure how to put it but I think you know what I meant.

The wedding couples (both the bride and groom) must be well taken care of such that they enjoy the whole wedding photoshoot session.

I still remember the joy as well as the discomfort we went through during our wedding photoshot.

We spent 12 hours in the bridal studio and I pity my wife for having had to endure the long hours of having her make-up and hair-do done. It was not easy. The hours were long and we were quite mentally drained out when it was about 3pm.

We had quick bite for lunch and we remembered we had to smile and pose for the photographs.

Luckily, our wedding photographer was very professional and comical at the same time.

That is why when I read the forum, I was tremendously angered by the treatment on the bride by the part-time photographer. I feel that the photographer, be it a full time or part time, has no right to be in physical contact with the bride at all times.

Even if he wants to adjust the bride’s face or gowns, he must always ask for permission from the bride. The bride is a lady after all who ought to be respected. Moreover, she is the customer.

I know, by right the bride can file a complain. However, I know there may be times the couple may find it to be quite embarrassing, especially for the bride.

It is afterall a once-a-lifetime experience and many chose to let such unpleasant experience to pass and move on.

I was not surprised when the other brides in the forum told her to let go of this incident and move on.

Sounds easy for them to say but I’m sure it isn’t for the bride.

This was a bad experience and would have somehow left a scar in the whole wedding planning process.

Now, the bride even has phobia when she recalled the incident.

What do you think she should do?

3 Important Points To Know before Your Wedding Photoshoot

wedding photoshoot

“Hi Jhong Ren,

Can I check with you what are the essential stuff and things to do and bring during indoor and outdoor photoshoot?


Hi Shelen,

I would like to reply you in the form of a post so everyone can benefit. Hope that it is ok with you. 🙂

A breakdown of schedule for your wedding photoshoot. Again, this is a rough estimate as different bridal studios have different practice.

For mine at Seletar Boradway, it was like:
9am: report to studio
10am: make-up by make-up artist
11am to 2pm: Indoor shoot for wedding gown, evening gowns, Chinese Kuas and other costumes if any

2pm to 3pm: Lunch
3pm to 5pm: Continue with indoor shoot
5pm to 9.30pm: Outdoor phootshoot at two venues
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Wedding Solemnisation

This was my first time to have gone through a Buddhist Solemnisation.

It was held at Marina Mandarin Singapore.

Wedding Programme Schedule for Solemnisation:
1. Guests to be seated at 6pm sharp/ all lay out to be done
2. MC announced the purpose of gathering today
3. Singers sang a love song to the wedding couple
4. MC announced the march in (in sequence) of the groom’s parents, bride’s parents, solemniser and the wedding couple
5. Wedding Vows
6. Words of gratitude from newly wed to parents
7. Words of advice and blessings from bride and groom’s parents
8. Word of gratitude from newly wed to relatives and friends

The past solemnisation I had attended was either done at the Registry of Marriage or in churches.
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Email Enquiry From Valerie

Click here to download the pdf file for this post

Hi before you carry on reading, I hope you can vote for Your Favourite Photo on the left sidebar… >.< --- * --- From Valerie:

“hey i saw from the forum that u held ur banquet at HIPV too! i juz chanced upon it. looks not bad leh. can tell me more and show me ur wedding dinner pics?

how many ballrooms do they have? how many themes? easy to nego for perks not?

seletar broadway gd? who was ur PG? i wan see ur pics also
cant find on ur site.. a bit hard to navigate leh..

thanks! ”

Hi Valerie,

I can sense that you have many questions to ask. Lets me answer you one by one.

This is the link to my wedding pictures…”My Wedding Snapshots” (You may want to view each post separately as the simultaneous running of all slideshows may slow down your computer.)

As for Holiday Inn Park View, you can download 2006 packages from here.

Easy to negoitiate perks or not…hmmm…you can read these few posts and then you decide for yourself. The BIG Surprise HIPV gave us, How we squeezed HIPV dry

As for Seletar Broadway, you can click here to see our wedding photos .

The service is generally fine (not sure is it because they know that the boss knows me.) Overall, their service is prompt and they call everytime one day before the appointment. As for my photographer.

This was what happened during our phootshot at Seletar Broadway.

As for my Actual Day Photographer, he is Ant and you can see his website www.antevy.com (He left “Let There Be Light and set up “Ant Evy”.)

My only comment for him is “under promise; over deliver” >.< You can read more about him here Post 1, Post 2 & Post 3.


I edited this post which I posted yesterday. And uploaded new wedding photos.

Just in case you miss this, here is the page on more wedding photographers.

And here are places you can go for outdoor photoshoot.

This is another link to the wedding photos of my cousin during her ROM. I took the photos.

If you don’t click this, you may regret.