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What Does Marriage Mean To Me?

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Many times I wonder why some newly-formed couples can be so much in love while the other couples who have been married for a long time felt tortured by their relationship.

I am not sure what your thoughts are but I have my answer.

The word is commitment.

For couples who have yet married, there is not much of commitment.

They meet barely for a few hours, at most 9 hours a day and off they go back to their own home.

During these times, they display the best side of themselves. They cast their ugly side behind their masks. They just need their good side to make their relationship work.
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I Want To Be A House-Husband

father and baby
photo from nooshin american

I was looking at my own marriage and reflecting on where I want it to be in 5 years’ time.

How can I see the future? I must be insane.

If we can plan for our studies, career and holidays, why can’t we plan for our marriage.

Would I want my marriage to be just like anyone else?

Wife and husband work in the morning and they only get to see each other after their work.

Wife and husband deposit their young kids in child care centre and they miss a whole lot of their growing up.

Wife and husband are drained mentally and physically due to raising up of their kids.

And they feel strangled.

Is this what you want for your marriage life?
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My Wedding Story Continues … Committment

sweet couple
photo from pedrigues

I remember a friend told me that getting married is easy. But making your marriage works is even harder.

He is a proud father of 3 daughters, age 10, 12 and 16 and he has a lovely wife.

Many times, I am wondering how many children do we have in our new family.

Having planned our wedding and our nice honeymoon, we are now in debt. I think in Singapore, many couples are. Maybe 8 out of 10.

There are different types of debts, be it you loan your money from the bank or from your parents or from friends.

There are the lucky few who got their weddings fully sponsored by their parents.

Are they really lucky?
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