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12 Steps To Planning The Perfect Las Vegas Wedding

las vegas wedding
from judybaxter

Planning any wedding can be a lot of hard work and takes a long time, but if you want a truly magical experience then you can head to Las Vegas, the party capital. This will take even more work and planning, but here are 12 steps to ease the stress and enable you to have the most memorable, perfect wedding in Las Vegas.

1. Book well in advance
Don?t leave booking your tickets, accommodation and wedding venue until the last minuet. Las Vegas is a popular place and you might end up disappointed with no venues available with enough space for all your guests. Make sure you get a bridal suite or somewhere for everyone to change on the day and ask for a discount or special packages. Find out about bar facilities and catering requirements and make sure the space is big or small enough for the amount of guests you are having.
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