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A Wedding Story

sweet couple
photo from nejron

Let me share with you a story.

“There is this guy who planned to have his wedding soon. But it is going to be a surprise for his girlfriend.

He has a job which offers not much for saving up. And he knows that if it carries on to be like this, his savings won’t be enough for his wedding.

It was not easy to save up for his wedding as you know, wedding is expensive. But this guy does not give up easily.

He plans his wedding at this date in his life time, so he makes it a point he will make sure it comes true.

He works very hard for 2 years, working in the morning in his full time job and having part-time which starts right after his work and it normally ends off at 11pm.

It was not easy and this tiredness and exhaustion carry on for 18 months.

It was not easy but the guy is committed to himself and his life and he has only a dream which is to have his wedding day as planned.”

Finally did the guy has his wedding? We shall find out.
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5 Common Struggles Of A Groom, After His Wedding

marriage bliss
photo from hnakamura

Marriage is a bliss. Everyone says that.

Commercials about weddings make them look so magical and care-free.

Weddings lead to a life of eternal happiness and romance.

Is it true for you?

For me, it is not true.

I am not saying I don’t like wedding. I love wedding and especially mine.

I love my wife too and everyday I told myself, “I can lose everything that I have but not her. I only have one her.”

Before my marriage, I was a carefree guy, in the sense that I can plan for my life and my finance.

But what happen after my wedding?
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A Husband’s Role In A Marriage

wedidng rings on book

One year after my wedding, I finally have time to meet up with some friends on Saturday night and it was a good catch up.

Two of us, including myself are married and we no doubt agree that our roles have been changing over time. And they still are.

Before marriage, we were bachelors always working for ourselves and we had the freedom to plan our daily schedule. We just have to work to bring in monthly income both for ourselves and our parents, at least for me.

I recalled while planning our wedding, it was not easy. I somehow felt the stretch in me, at least financially.

Finance was my biggest worry then and it still is.

Wedding took up most of my savings and drove my saving account to below zero mark. Luckily, my loving mother was helping me pay at least half of the bills and I still owe her the money.

After marriage, we have so much to plan for and these are the ones.
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Embarking on a Building a Business After Marriage

My life at this moment, seemed to be going through a valley.

There are uphills and downhills. And there are 100 times more downhills than uphills.

Determined to do whatever it takes to provide a life slightly better for my wife and my mother, I have embarked on building my own business ever since last year 2006.

A year of blogging on wedding and 6 months of “wedding planning e-book” creation are certainly not easy to be jungled.

Yes, I have a full time job. And when I got home daily, I spent at least 6 hours on building my business.

So each day, I worked at least 18 hours.

It was not easy to move through the swamp of obstacles that have been laid in front of me.
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Working Hard At My Very Best for My Wife

Lately, you may have noticed a drop in the number of posts. I apologised for it as I was really busy working my job and building my dream.

How To Plan Your Fabulous Wedding
“My New Wedding e-Book Cover” >.<

My new Wedding Planning e-book is about to be launched soon and I’m doing another project with some very good friends of mine.

I would like to talk about these male friends I have. They are all married and we all have a common dream.

We all work towards the common dream of giving our wives a better and more comfortable life.

I remember Warren Buffett, the 2nd richest man in the world once expressed in the press conference how he had changed after becoming a very wealthy man.

He mentioned he didn’t change much. It was just that his wife lives slightly better.

Marriage life has definitely changed me for the better.
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