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Gabriel Mendes Photography

Before the invention of video camera, men only have normal photo-taking cameras to capture the wonderful moments of life.

Even with the invention of video cameras, I realised that we seldom watch the wedding video. Guests easily get bored with lengthy or poorly produced wedding videos.

However, interestingly you realised that people love flipping through wedding albums and the wedding photographs are the ones which help to tell the wedding stories of the wedding couples even though they were just still shots of that particular moment.

This is exactly what I look for from the work of a real wedding photographer.

Again, everyone of us has different preference and it will be wise to choose the photographer of the style that you like.

Gabriel Mendes Photography

At styleweddings.sg, I found the site of “Gabriel Mendes Photography”. I contacted the photographer, Gabriel who was very kind to share with us some of his best photos.

One thing in his “About Me” page in his blog caught my attention.

It says “My style is all about capturing the fun and romance in an unique, exciting way ? isn?t what a wedding should be all about?”

I myself take photos too and I enjoyed capturing moments of life. This should be what you may probably be looking for in your wedding photographer, someone who loves doing what he does and at the same time, having fun.

With fun and passion, the photographer will produce very good work.

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Email enquiry from Frances (Actual day Wedding Photographer)

Hi JR,

I would like to enquire getting a photographer from those BS better or
freelance is better?

And what are the thing that in the package that we should look out for?



My reply:
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Email enquiry from piggy (Photographer & Videographer)

Hi Jhong Ren,
Good to hear that your blog will for us…yeah!

BTW i am sourcing for AD photograhers and videographers… do you hv any to recommend?

My reply:
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Wedding Photographers…how do you choose them?

I was surfing the net and I found this web site by Lesley-Ann Graham. This author is amazing and owns quite a number of wedding websites and blog.

This is what the author wrote about choosing photographers and I find it to be clear and simple to read.

“Every wedding deserves to be captured for posterity in print. Your pictures aren’t just any images. They are souvenirs, heirlooms for your descendants to look at and exclaim over. So it makes sense to get a photographer who will really bring out the best images of your special event.

Here are some things you should check when looking for the photographer for your wedding:

– His previous work must appeal to you. Put yourself in the place of the people in the images in his sample albums. Are these how you’d like your pictures to look?

Confirm if he will be the photographer at your wedding himself or if he will assign someone else. Some shops have many photographers in their stable. You need to see the work of the person who will actually be handling your event.

Promptness is a very important trait in wedding photographers. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. His being late will make a difference in your album.

– His attitude and appearance will also be important. You are looking for someone who can make the transition shots very smoothly, has good crowd control and who looks presentable and acceptable at your event. The last thing you need are offended friends and relatives on your wedding day.

– You can’t argue that some people have a great eye and timing. You need someone who can capture the soul of your nuptials, not someone who will make you all look like you’re posing for high school class picture.

Cost is the last item on your list. Once you’ve found the photographer you like it’s best to find out if your budget can accommodate his fee. Keep in mind that the higher his skills, the higher his fees will be too.

This article is from Lesley-Ann Graham runs WeddingTrix.com


I edited this post which I posted yesterday. And uploaded new wedding photos.

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