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Bridesmaids Dresses

turquoise wedding gown

from static.zoovy.com

I have a wedding-related email enquiry on what kind of bridesmaids dresses to wear.

This lady is about 1.57cm tall with fair/ yellowish skin tone with a weight of between 45 to 50kg.

Her sister-in-law is going to wear a turquoise evening dress and this reader is quite confused about what to wear during the wedding dinner.

I supposed this type of confusion is common among the many bridesmaids who are helping out. There are some who want to have a share of the limelight while others just want to help out.

I have come across bridesmaids who want to manipulate what to be worn on the wedding night. However, such cases are rare.

I went to Google search “turquoise wedding gown” and I have found some wedding photos. I am trying to understand how does one look like so that I can be clearer in what my reader wants.

So, these are the wedding gowns’ photos I found.

turquoise wedding gown

from links2love.com

turquoise wedding gown

from bridalstudio.co.nz

turquoise wedding gown

from cbslimited.com

I will be sharing based on what I know as a wedding blogger and I want to stress again that I am not an expert. I have some help from my readers who offer their experience and expertise.
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7 Secrets Brides are Never Told To Select their Bridal Gowns

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selecting bridal gown

A wedding is a wonderful occasion where two souls are united while taking vows to be together and for each other for the rest of their lives. This is why everything has to be done in ensuring that the wedding is as memorable as possible. And one that needs lots of thought and consideration is the selection of the bridal gown.

1. The complexion of the bride is the most important point to consider when choosing the bridal gown. Women who are on the fairer side should wear dark colors while women who are more on the dusky or dark side should use light colors. This is because a contrast in the color of the bridal gown tends to enhance the beauty of the bride.

2. Another point to look out for when choosing the wedding gown is to choose a gown that matches the color of the bridegroom?s attire and your hairstyle. This is because since both of you will be the center of the show, it proves to be wiser on your part to collaborate your colors so that you look both harmonious and stand out from the crowd. In addition to this, the color of the bridal gown has to match the jewelry you intend to wear for the wedding.
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Wedding Gown…Feeling Absolutely Comfortable Wearing it

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wedding gown
from mybayareawedding.com

During the process of gown selection, there will be many times when we weren’t sure if the decision we made are the right ones.

Is the gown what we wanted?

Is the gown what people around us want to see us in?

Is it just because the gown looks pretty on the outside?

I feel there are alot of times that if we are not careful, our wedding is planned in the way how others want.

For example, I remembered one of our close friends who was one of the bridesmaids wanted a color theme for bridesmaids’ dresses. What she wanted is not what my wife wanted.

In the end, she didn’t get to be the bridesmaids because she chose not to come for the wedding. 😕

Before that, my wife was really struggling and weighing the importance of making her own decision for her big day and entrusting her best friend to help.

What if my wife had followed her friend’s decision and let her decide what the bridesmaids should wear?

My guess is we may now regret because it was not we wanted.

Perhaps, if her friend could have calmly discussed with my wife and convinced us that her decision was the best. Maybe things won’t have turned out to be so bad?

About wedding gowns, sometimes asking too many friends along may be a headache as there can be too many opinions and comments going on at the same time.

Feedbacks are good only the bride knows exactly what she wanted.
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Wedding Gowns…how did you choose yours?

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There is a very wide range of wedding and evening gowns offered by Bridal Studios.

Brides to be are spoilt for choice of what to wear and choose.

There are many times that brides get really overwhelmed by the number of gowns they have to choose.

1 wedding gown, 1 evening gown, 1 tea-dress, 1 Chinese Kua are the norms of an ordinary pakage.

However, for brides who can afford to pay more, they may have up to 2 or even 4 wedding gowns and 3 evening gowns.

Some brides even order gowns from overseas and arranged to be delivered to Singapore.

I remembered I have one friend of mine is really rich and she could afford to get different items such as her shoes, gowns from European countries. These items were to be air-flown to Singapore.


Yes! Wedding is one in a life-time big event of one’s life. But it is just the beginning and for those brides who want more than what their budget allows, it is a wise decision to sit down and plan through how much they can spend on their gowns.

There are many times that an unwise decision was made in the spur of moment to get the gowns that they wanted to wear, and at the same time, they have blown their budgets.

So, one advice for ladies, as well as men out there, do include budgeting in the wedding planning and learn to do it together as it could benefit them by setting a foundation for them to learn to budget after their wedding…

and it is still a long long way to go…

wedding gown
from abeautifulbride.org

wedding gown
from pantilesbride.com

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Wedding Gown…Which one?

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If you are reading my blog for the first time, you could be quite amazed if you know that the author is a Guy. Yes, a guy!!!

Many friends who visted my blog thought that it was my wife who had been sharing her thoughts.

They were very surprised when I told them I’m the blogger.

Anyway, that is not important. What matter most is that you benfit from my post.

Back to the times I was in the Bridal Studio with my wife selecting her gowns.

I remembered we took pictures of all the wedding gowns she tried on using our mobile phones with cameras.

The photos were really useful when my mother-in-law or aunties wanted to take a look of how the gowns looked like.

In addition, we used it as reference when we wanted to see how it looked like again when we reached home. This was to make sure she made the best choice she could make at that point in time.

Moreover, we could use the photos for our wedding scrapbook which we had no time to do, even until now…

So, remember to take photos of yourself in the wedding gowns during selection:
1. For your reference
2. For showing to your eager parents or relatives
3. For making into a scrapbook
4. For remembrance

And here are some more photos of wedding gowns for your reference…remember the gown-selection tips I gave in the previous post about choosing of your wedding gown.

wedding gown
from divinecouture.com

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