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17 Beautiful & Original Hollywood Celebrity Hairstyles

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from nicorawedding

It?s a common wish among brides to get the star treatment on their wedding day. This is a pivotal moment in their life, after all. Every bride wants her big day to be perfect and will spend months- even years- planning wardrobes for the bridal party, floral arrangements, and a reception hall menu. Many times, brides will discover that their dreams for a story book wedding far overshoot a feasible budget for the event, leaving reason for many to find ways to cut back on the costs of some of the wedding necessities.

One way to look for cost-cutting ideas often surprises people: Look towards the stars.

Because the brides are the ?star of the show? at every wedding, it?s no surprise that many turn to celebrity brides for ideas. The most commonly borrowed (and readily affordable) piece of celebrity borrowed from big-name brides is the hairstyles, and while many expect lavish styles that will take hours and drive up hairdresser fees, they?re wrong.
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Raise The Curtain For … 47 Sweet Bridal Hairstyles

wedding hairstyle
photo from hareshair

When your wedding day approaches, aside from the lovely gown and elegant shoes, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind is your hairstyle. The style you choose with help you look like a princess and each one is dependant on your unique style, likes, length of hair and texture. You get amazing up styles, down styles, half up/half down styles, and styles for short hair, medium hair and long hair. Here are 47 of the top looks that you can choose from:
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3 Bridal Hair Styles, 3 Wedding Gowns and 3 Bridesmaids Dresses

This is post on 9 resources on Bridal Hair styles, Wedding Gowns and Bridesmaid dresses that I see from the Yahoo and Google search.

The reason I’m doing this is to point you to the useful resources from the internet. Moreover, I have a couple of friends planning their wedding right now and they have requested me to help them compile materials.

* For more info, you can visit the links to these website.

I’m picking up these wedding references from a guy’s perspective. And hope that these pictures can really benefit you.

A Fast Tip to Note: Remember to make sure the wedding gowns, dresses and hair styles enhance your own style and personality. It should never be the other way round.

So here you go:
3 Bridal Hair Styles Online Resource

bridal hair stylesbridal hair stylesbridal hair styles
from onewed.com

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Hair Stlye Software

Didn’t realise that the world is so advanced until today…chanced upon a hairstyle software that allows you to take a picture of yourself and change your image and hairstyle

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Bridal Hairstyle For Different Brides

More post on “bridal hairstyle” category.

Different people got different types of hair: long, medium, short, culry, straight…i found from web site that there are so many hair styles to choose from ladies..almost 100 over…for guys like me, just comb to the side….and may look “nerdy” at times…haha

?For ladies with long hair:


Long layers of soft, cascading waves create a look that?s glamorous and fuss-free. I remember one of my friends with long hair and she had this hair style for her wedding. She looks like a doll and with the cascading waves, she looked very sweet on her wedding night.


Classic but soft. Pretty curls are drawn back from the face and dressed with a floral clip. Clip may vary and choose one that suit you. Not the other way round.


A delicate, bejeweled French twist looks sophisticated; wear it with a sleek, simple dress with just a bit of sparkle. My darling’s hairstyle is almost like this. Her hair length reaches to the back of the mid of her back and she looks great with this style.

For medium length:

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