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1 Surprise for Your Spouse a Day

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heart and love

My wife’s birthday is coming and normally her birthday celebration will last for a week and sometimes even longer.

I remembered she had 7 birthday gifts last year and she was given one gift per day till her birthday.

This year she wanted a MP3 player and I decided to buy for her as I felt that she deserved a reward for her hard work in school.

creative zen stone plus

creative zen stone plus

It was a surprise for her and I specially made a trip to Suntec to purchase it. I only told her when I called her on the phone.

It was meant to be a surprise. The excitement won’t be there if I had told her the purpose of the trip earlier.

Many people believed that sparks do get extinguished after wedding. I beg to differ. I prefer to see it as transformation of sparks into something even better.
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Present to My Friend – My very 1st Digital Scrap Book

My friends had been encouraging me to set up my own brand.

A brand that is socially responsible and bring love to people.

My purpose is to make everyone happy, happy not because of me, but because of their spouses, families, friends or even themselves…

On one of the pages of my first scrap book, I wrote:

“This scrap book is the first of the kind that I had ever done…

It is a gift to you from us because we feel that you are worth it…

The story of the scrap book lays the photos of the very special someone who you are about to see…actually you have seen her…the very special baby on the front page…

The scrap book with the person’s photos will be the gift for eternity…the very few presents that accompany us all the way…

When I was trying really hard to type in the words to describe the photos, I had difficulty…as only you know yourself best….

so I am presenting to you…as a younger brother who present my very 1st scrap book to the elder sister…

with dedication and gratitude”

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My Wedding ScrapBook

I would like to do a wedding scrapbook for our 1 year anniversary… and this is what I have in mind.

wedding scrapbook

But of course, my scrapbook for my wife will have my words, thoughts and feelings…not just photos…
Would you want one too?

What will you do or would like to have for your 1-year anniversary gift?

Do leave a comment. >.<

Gifts from Seoul & Jeju, Korea

These are the gifts that we bought back from Korea. Enjoy watching >.<

99-Paper Cranes and 1-metre tall Toothpick Eiffel Tower

Many readers have asked us how we both met. So, here you go, the winning post for Kloudiia.com

“I met my girlfriend when we attended the Union Orientation Camp in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) when I was in year 2. We were in this Food and Beverage Committee and she was the main committee member and I?m the sub-committee member. Simply saying, she called the shots about matters regarding food and I listened to her.

My story of meeting her was not much of a fantasy or fairy-tale which tells a prince rescuing the princess by slaying the fiery dragon. The only thing I had slayed was the shyness in me and the fear of approaching her for a date.

(picture is from kloudiia.com)

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