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Money Never Enough For Your Wedding

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9 out of 10 brides have always grumbled that their money is never enough.

They are always looking forward to their next payday and the next and the next.

They have never known how to get more cash into your purse and knew nothing about loans such as parents’ loans, online payday loans and loans from the bank.

Me too, during that time while I was preparing my wedding.

If you have never planned your own wedding before, you can’t really understand the frustration that we have gone through.
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How Important is a Family Finance?

During courtship, spending money is a trivial matter.

The boyfriend only needs to bring enough money for that one afternoon or a full day outing with his grilfriend.

Let’s take a look at the expenditure.

A few dollars for bus and train transport, another tens of dollars for a meal for two plus maybe a few dollars for taxi transport.

When will be the times more money will be spent?

Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries and most importantly Valentine’s Day.

The sum of money doesn’t really amount to alot.

And again, after courtship, it is easy to propose and make the proposal a really romantic one.

If the guy can afford, so be it. He can spend his few months’ of salary on arranging a romantic proposal at a resort after a splendid dinner with live love songs being played at the back.

And of course he needs to buy a reasonably expensive proposal ring, preferably one with diamond.

Then, here comes the wedding planning.
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3 Ways to Earn $10,000 More for Your Wedding

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What happen next once after your girlfriend has accepted your proposal? Of course it is time to plan your wedding unless you are planning to short-change her of this once a lifetime experience.

However, do you have enough money for your wedding? Some will say “yes”, others will say “no”. Some may even reply “not sure”.

Wedding is a mega project which needs lots of money to pay for lots of expenses. You will need at least S$4000 for your bridal package (including your wedding gowns, bridal car, make-up and so on), another $2000 for your wedding videographer, another $2000 for your wedding photographer, at least several tens of thousands as deposit for your new home plus renovation and so on.

Wow, I can take a day to list down all the wedding expenses till all the nitty gritty stuff!

Congratulation if you are born with a silver spoon or you are earning at least S$5000 a month and you can easily tide over with the add-on from your wife-to-be’s salary.

However for most of us who are from the middle-income strata and do not have much savings, what can we do?

So how do you earn more money within a period of time while not losing your job:

1. The easiest way is you can give home tuition. This is going to be very draining of your energy and mind.

I remember I took up tuition 7 days a week and I rushed for tuition once after work. Each tuition would last from 6pm to 8pm and another one from 8pm to 10pm.
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