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3 Benefits For You To Eliminate Debt

debt elimination
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I am just wondering how many of us reading this post is still in debt.

It doesn’t really matter if the planning is still going on, or it is already over.

Money is spent (lots of it in fact!) and debt comes along to make friends with us.l

I am one of them, but fortunately it is a debt owed to my parents and there is no interest or dateline.

Phew! What a relief!

But I know many young couples out there who are deep in trouble. I started their newly marriage life full of debts. They spent carelessly on their new house, their new cars, their newly furnished house interiors, their lavish honeymoons to Europe (while staying in the best of all the hotels) and spending beyond their means, as if there is no tomorrow.

Now, you know why they are in debt and the education debt elmination is so important.

Now, what are the 3 benefits you can have if you eliminate debt right now.
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Wedding Blogger Vows To Be Stay-At-Home Dad, Raising $10K For The Arrival Of His First Baby

Hi there, It has been quite a while that I have been married.

A total of 1 year, 6 months and 20 days.

And now my wedding blog is already coming to 3 years old.

As you all know, the birth of my wedding blog blossoms from my love to my wife. I started my wedding blog as a wedding gift to my wife.

Never did I know that this blog has somehow generated enough money to cover my wedding expenses.

Time really flies and the natural stage after a wedding is the birth of the first child.

I have decided to start another project based on the love of my first child.
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10 Cool Tips On Saving Money For Your Wedding!

saves your money
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Wedding is a day of blessing but if you do not manage your finance properly, it can be the darkest days of your life.

There are many reasons why brides overspend and overblow their budget, not saving enough penny for their after-wedding life. I shall explore more on such reasons for other posts.

As for how brides and grooms can save money during their wedding-planning, there are plenty of ways out there. And here are 10 cool tips on how you can now save money.

1. Debt consolidation – You can’t escape debts. So one of the ways to pay lower interest rates is to consolidate them. This way is advisable especially after you have paid most of your wedding expenses using your credit cards. Look for a reliable company which may even be able to give you credit counseling.
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Personal Loan

Personal Loan
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Your wedding is in a month’s time and you are short of US$15,000 for some immediate payments.

What can you do?

You can call off your wedding…(just joking)

You can borrow from your family members or swipe your credit card dry or rob the bank.

I don’t think the third option of robbing bank is a good idea but this other idea could be your life-saver.

A personal loan.
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An Interview With A Mother

husband protect wife
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I want to be a house husband. Yes, I want to be a father.

I plan to make my 5 figures in Internet Marketing and this is good enough for my first baby.


I did an interview with a friend of mine who had just given birth to her baby son.

I want to know exactly how much I must save to prepare for our first child (or even twins. :p )

Below is the Windows Live Messenger Interview:

– { Jhong Ren ?BySea -> says:
want to ask u how much to save for baby delievry?

i love my friends and family says:
do you want to deliver in public hospital or private
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