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Email Enquiry: Is there a Need for Wedding Engagement?

I received an email enquiry from a reader:
“I have a Singaporean girlfriend who I want to marry and I am trying to ask her parents for their
blessing. I want to know if it is Singaporean culture to become engaged?”

“Hi, yes, you are right. In Singapore, there is a need for solemnisation to take place so that both of you are considered legally married in the eyes of Singapore’s law.

There are generally 2 arrangements local wedding couples do.

1. Solemnisation done about a year before the actual wedding day.

You can register at Singapore’s Registry of Marriage and book a date.

The solemnisation can be done at the Registry itself (like what my cousin did for her solemnisation) or you can book an external venue such as a restaurant or a function room of a hotel.

Some locals prefer a long time period between the two important dates so that they can get a local house unit using their names as married couples.

In addition, they can have ample time to renovate their house in time for their wedding day.
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Bridesmaids Dresses

turquoise wedding gown

from static.zoovy.com

I have a wedding-related email enquiry on what kind of bridesmaids dresses to wear.

This lady is about 1.57cm tall with fair/ yellowish skin tone with a weight of between 45 to 50kg.

Her sister-in-law is going to wear a turquoise evening dress and this reader is quite confused about what to wear during the wedding dinner.

I supposed this type of confusion is common among the many bridesmaids who are helping out. There are some who want to have a share of the limelight while others just want to help out.

I have come across bridesmaids who want to manipulate what to be worn on the wedding night. However, such cases are rare.

I went to Google search “turquoise wedding gown” and I have found some wedding photos. I am trying to understand how does one look like so that I can be clearer in what my reader wants.

So, these are the wedding gowns’ photos I found.

turquoise wedding gown

from links2love.com

turquoise wedding gown

from bridalstudio.co.nz

turquoise wedding gown

from cbslimited.com

I will be sharing based on what I know as a wedding blogger and I want to stress again that I am not an expert. I have some help from my readers who offer their experience and expertise.
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Do You Know We Provide FREE Email Consultation?

online wedding planner

To give full value to you, Our Wedding Blog Readers and make the most value out of your stay here, we decide to give FREE Email Consultation.

5 Immediate Ways How You can Benefit from this Email Service:
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You can email me at Jhong Ren’s email

3 Important Points To Know before Your Wedding Photoshoot

wedding photoshoot

“Hi Jhong Ren,

Can I check with you what are the essential stuff and things to do and bring during indoor and outdoor photoshoot?


Hi Shelen,

I would like to reply you in the form of a post so everyone can benefit. Hope that it is ok with you. 🙂

A breakdown of schedule for your wedding photoshoot. Again, this is a rough estimate as different bridal studios have different practice.

For mine at Seletar Boradway, it was like:
9am: report to studio
10am: make-up by make-up artist
11am to 2pm: Indoor shoot for wedding gown, evening gowns, Chinese Kuas and other costumes if any

2pm to 3pm: Lunch
3pm to 5pm: Continue with indoor shoot
5pm to 9.30pm: Outdoor phootshoot at two venues
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Didn’t know that they are coming back

I just got this message from daphne…

“Hi.. i am so glad to b
able to find ur blog again.i previously save ur url in my com n my bro
made my com crash. Thus losin all datas.. rali v glad 2 hv ur url again by
chance. hehe. ur blog is a gd guide 4 me..!! =)”

“Hi Dahpne,

Sorry to hear that your computer had crashed. Did you do a backup of all the important wedding info you had gathered?

Could be frustrating when we lose our info.

I remembered during my wedding preparation, I saved all my datas in 3 places: my PC, my thumbdrive and my portable hard disk.

It is better to play safe.

I’m really glad you came back.

To reward a loyal reader like you, let me know what info you need and I will do my best to assist.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about this resourceful wedding blog! >.< Cheers, Jhong Ren"