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Wedding Kua

Last Friday, we scouted for another shop which specialises in selling kua. It took us half-an-hour to locate the shop. It is along Singapore, 86 Tanjong Pagar Road. It was not obvious if you scan across from the opposite shopping lane. It was only when we crossed the road and walked to right in front of the shop, then only we could identify it was the shop.

?It is called “House of Etiquette”. It sold and rent Chinese wedding Kua. So far, I think it is the only shop that does that.

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Hong Kong Wedding Custom part 3 – Kua series

In Singapore and much according to Chinese customs, the bride has to wear a Chinese traditional wedding “kua“. There will be 2 times that she will be wearing. One during the photoshoot and the other on the wedding day when the bride returns home from the groom’s house for the tea-serving ceremony.

?My future mother-in-law knew how to see what is a good “kua”. She is very particular about the worksmanship and the design. Her mother (my fiancee’s grandma) used to make “kua” for a living when she was young.

tradition_05.jpgMy mother-in-law was very disappointed with Singapore’s bridal studio’s kua and she rated it as poor.?

The kua that my fiancee got looked quite old as it had been worn by many wedding couples in the past. There were some small tears, but the staff reassured us it will be mended. She also said that the holes would be too small to be seen by the camera during the photoshoot. Is this statement supposed to make us feel safe?

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