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Wedding Gown…Which one?

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If you are reading my blog for the first time, you could be quite amazed if you know that the author is a Guy. Yes, a guy!!!

Many friends who visted my blog thought that it was my wife who had been sharing her thoughts.

They were very surprised when I told them I’m the blogger.

Anyway, that is not important. What matter most is that you benfit from my post.

Back to the times I was in the Bridal Studio with my wife selecting her gowns.

I remembered we took pictures of all the wedding gowns she tried on using our mobile phones with cameras.

The photos were really useful when my mother-in-law or aunties wanted to take a look of how the gowns looked like.

In addition, we used it as reference when we wanted to see how it looked like again when we reached home. This was to make sure she made the best choice she could make at that point in time.

Moreover, we could use the photos for our wedding scrapbook which we had no time to do, even until now…

So, remember to take photos of yourself in the wedding gowns during selection:
1. For your reference
2. For showing to your eager parents or relatives
3. For making into a scrapbook
4. For remembrance

And here are some more photos of wedding gowns for your reference…remember the gown-selection tips I gave in the previous post about choosing of your wedding gown.

wedding gown
from divinecouture.com

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Wedding Preparation…At the Bridal Studio

I am always very amazed by how a package that is worth S$3,300 can shoot up to S$8,000 or even more!!!

This is when there is no communication and common understanding between the bride and groom.

It all started when my friend stepped into the bridal studio with her finance…

It was the day that they were going to choose their wedding photos for their wedding album.

** image removed as instructed **

Normally, though the album can only contain 26 pictures with only 26 poses, the photographer is smart enough to have taken at least 200 photos or much much more…


Here comes the reason…when the couple sat down and their coordinator “assisted” them in choosing the photos, the coordinator would identify who the decision maker was.

Let’s say the fiancee was the one and she could choose any photo that she loved and the fiance had absolutely no say…the coordinator would focus on the fiancee and “complimenting and praising” any photo that she picked up…every photo of her in her wedding dress looked fabulous!!!

This was to encourage her to want the photo to be part of the album.

Mind you….every addition photo add up another $80 to $100 more to the bill….of course, the coordinator would want his customers to buy more. From the final amount, he will get a certain percentage off from the total payment as commission.

Normally, couples won’t have discussed what their ceiling budget was and what their expectations were.
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How to Choose Your Wedding Gown?

As Featured On Ezine Articles

Many people emailed me, telling me that they are clueless of how to choose their wedding gowns.

When I first went to the Bridal Studio with my wife in February last year, we were clueless too.

For guys, it was really easy to choose. I just took 10 to 15 minutes to choose my suit and coat.

For ladies, my wife took 2 whole day to choose her gowns. The assistant who was also our studio coordinator took out at least 10 gowns for her to wear and she liked none of them. Gowns include wedding gown, evening gown plus tea dress and Chinese Kua

Her sister accompanied her on day one and her friends accompanied her on day 2. Her friend, who had some experience of helping her other gal friends to choose, told my wife that she must have this “WOW” when she looked at herself in the mirror.

wedding dress

She must literally fall in love with the gown and like it so much that she doesn’t want to take it down.

There were some occasions that certain gowns look terrific as an art piece but looked otherwise when on some body.

The coordinator was very patient assisting my wife during her trying and gave constructive remarks such as how she can look better or how they can add on some more beads and laces to make the gown look more glamourous, especially during our photoshoot in June 06.

As for husband’s feedback, I think it is also really important. We can honestly thell the ladies they don’t look good in some gowns. If they look fabulous in others, genuinely praise them and tell them that they look superd and gorgeous.

Husbands’ remarks and comments are improtant for wives’ reassurance and encouragement.

wedding gown

I have heard of situations that the husband finds it a waste of time to accompany the wife during the fitting. I’m not sure if you have heard of it or it had even occured to you.

Get them to accompany you and the process of gown-fitting can be so much pleasant and enjoyable.

Another useful tip is before gown-fitting, please cut out any pictures or photos of gowns with the prefered designs. Bring them for gown-fitting and show the coordinator and state your requirement. This can make finding the right gown for you so much easier and faster. >.<

wedding flower girl

One more thing – bring your wedding shoes along to see if they really match your gowns.

Wedding Email Enquiry from Sheelen

I want to share the following email with the response with all fo you so that we can all benefit from the reply I gave o her. I know at this point in time, many readers are submitting thier complaints and frustration through this.

I got this email enquiry from Sheelen

“Hi Jhong Ren,

I am a Dec’07 bride. Am currently looking at banquet venue. Do you have any recommendations?or any forum/blog site which i could view at?

I have recently signed up a bridal package with Feline Bridal during the Her World Bridal Show in Jan 07. I wonder if there is any Feline Brides in your site which could share with me their experiences.

I will be going to the bridal shop next wkend for selection of photographers as well as looking at the gowns… May I know what are the things I should take note of? Am also puzzled on what is the actual/normal payment process to the bridal shop?

Thanks and sorry to prompt you so many questions at once…

Shelen ”

— — — — — — — — —

“Hi Sheelen,

I will do my best to answer your questions.

To look for banquet venue, first you got to ask yourself what kind of ambience do you like? Or have you come across some wedding venues you have been to and you really like?

As for Feline Bridal, I’m not sure. But you can go to singaporebrides.com forum and check under feline bridal .look thru the threads and post your questions and concern.

You can also pop by their shop and ask the current customers how are their service. Something like spot check.

During selection of gown, there must be a “wow” factor when you first see yourself in the mirror. Choose one that fit your personality and preference; not the other way round.

For payment, normally is four times, one deposit when sign the package, choosing of gowns, photoshoot and collection of gowns.

Let me know if there is any more query. 🙂

Jhong Ren”

To my readers, if you have any info that you think can benefit Sheelen or other brides with simlar concerns, please feel free to add them as comments below.

In the past, someone enquire about bridal studios and Teochew wedding custom. Maybe this is helpful for you too.

Email Enquiry about Bridal Studios

Answer to Mel:

You are a wonderful sister….Your sister is very lucky to have you to help.

Depend on your budget.

Go to Tanjong pagar road to go in and ask…

Tell them “the wedding is in 2 years’ time”. Cos the sales staff are very persuasive and pushy.

Window shop around and have a feel what the packages cover.

I’m sure there will be more wedding shows coming. Keep a look out from newspapers, websites and bridal magazines.

Go here for more info https://romance-fire.com/2006/10/21/at-tanjong-pagar-road/

and https://www.singaporebrides.com/forumboard/messages/1/1.html

My Wedding Blog

Email from Mel:

hi, I am actually assisting my sis who will be having her wedding in Nov this year. We are in the midst of searching for a bridal studio. Do you know of any good ones that you can recommend?

Thanks v much.