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How I Feel During Our Bridal Gowns Selection?

Bridal gowns never seem to amuse me. They are such delicate fine art pieces worn on a lady’s body.

For the fact the gowns are worn on a woman, it makes it more glamorous and sensual.

So elegant and sweet!

And the most magical moment is to see the bridal gown on your wife.

I still remember the first time I saw my wife wearing her wedding gown.

It was during the trial period. I felt like I was having a sweet dream.

It also hit me that my then girlfriend was soon going to my wife.
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Your Wedding

We?re launching a new feature today called ?Your Wedding? where we?ll get to know a little bit about the details of your wedding.

At your own comfort level, we?ll ask you to share various info like which bridal studios you?re using, which hotel you are holding your banquet, etc.
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7 Secrets Brides are Never Told To Select their Bridal Gowns

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selecting bridal gown

A wedding is a wonderful occasion where two souls are united while taking vows to be together and for each other for the rest of their lives. This is why everything has to be done in ensuring that the wedding is as memorable as possible. And one that needs lots of thought and consideration is the selection of the bridal gown.

1. The complexion of the bride is the most important point to consider when choosing the bridal gown. Women who are on the fairer side should wear dark colors while women who are more on the dusky or dark side should use light colors. This is because a contrast in the color of the bridal gown tends to enhance the beauty of the bride.

2. Another point to look out for when choosing the wedding gown is to choose a gown that matches the color of the bridegroom?s attire and your hairstyle. This is because since both of you will be the center of the show, it proves to be wiser on your part to collaborate your colors so that you look both harmonious and stand out from the crowd. In addition to this, the color of the bridal gown has to match the jewelry you intend to wear for the wedding.
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7 Must-Know Before Confirming Your Bridal Studio!!!

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bride wedding shoes

I have the luxury of knowing the boss of my bridal studio and this makes the difference in terms of treatment from their employees.

I have heard of unfair treatment of “ordinary” clients just because of the lower value of bridal package they have paid.

It is not easy to tolerate this kind of treatment. It is going to make you feel from uneasy to angry to frustrated and eventually to helpless.

Wedding planning is supposed to be fun and things are supposedly to go along as plan. The professional bridal service providers are supposed to be professional enough to give the best customer service to any customer and at least treat them all equally.

These are all the assumptions before wedding planning. This is the kind of image portrayed by bridal magazines and tv commercials.

No one really knows that biasness still exist even between customers and bridal studio staff.

It literally means staff gives different service to different customers they are serving.

There are 7 pointers to take note even before signing on the dotted line:

1. Sales person is not the same as those coordinators who will eventually serve you.
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Bridal Hairstyle Part 1

If you are a female reader, I’m sure your knowledge on bridal hairsyle is much more than mine.

I would like to share how you can more easily explain to your make-up artist the type of hairstyles you want.

These are what you can do:
1. Surf the net or browse through wedding magazines.
2. Cut or print out the photos of brides with the hairstyles you want.
3. Bring these pictures during your visit to your make-up artist.
4. With the photos, describe to them what you have in mind.
5. Make-up artist will spend some time doing the new hairstyle for you.
6. See if your really like it and it further enhance your personality.
7. Check out any hair accessory that is available.
8. If you need to borrow any accesory on the wedding day, do arrange to collect from the artist a few days before that day.

A good tip is remember to choose something that suits you, that the other way round.

Here are some photos I managed to get from the net (with links back to their websites)

bridal hairstyle
from makeupmagician.com

bridal hairstyle
from aperturephotographics.com

bridal hairstyle
from parkviewlifestyle.com

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