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Temperamental Skin Conditions

skin spa
photo from shadphotos

This a short article contributed by one of my friends, Gwen.


Do you know? Your skin condition can change with the weather.

So if you are going on a honeymoon anywhere outside your region, do check out the weather conditions so as to look for the suitable skincare products.

If you stay in regions where there is sunshine all year round, you would have the tendency to have skin that is dry on the outside oily from the inside. Dry because the sun evaporates the moisture from the surface of the skin. Oily because the skin is trying to replenish the moisture lost and diet. You will see fine lines on the skin and a couple of pimples.

Whereas if you reside in cold weathered countries, you might have skin which are delicate (you can see the capillaries on the skin) because there is a lack of moisture in the air. And there is a likelihood of dryness in the form of flaky skin surface (dead skin). If you get into the sun for too long you can get sunburnt easily.

A must-have is the correct moisturizer because a drastic change in the weather climate will affect your skin?s health. If you are travelling to Europe in Nov/Dec, prepare a bottle of moisturizer in a cream form (thicker texture and with more emollient). On the contrary, it would help if you have a lighter form of moisturizer probably with sunblock if you are travelling to Asia because of the humid weather.