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No Sweat. 17 Steps To Planning Your Perfect Beach Wedding.

beach wedding
photo from hustont2002

A beach wedding is sure to be different. It is a dream for most brides and a splendid magical moment to be in. There is something about getting married under the open blue skies with the sound of the gentle waves beating softly onto the soft sand in the background that is somehow very appealing and tempting. It can be real fun to plan a beach wedding, a totally unique experience compared to a normal wedding.

Here are 17 steps to help you in planning your perfect beach wedding.

Step 1:
Decide on a beach that is driving distance from you. It can be near to a beach resort or hotel too. Keep in mind that since the beach is an open venue, there is always a chance of it raining on the big day. Prepare for wet weather just in case. You can either have a tent put up on the beach to accommodate all your guests; or if you can reserve an indoor venue as a back-up.
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