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For custom work, Whiteflash.com is the lord of the online rings. Unlike many e-tailers, Whiteflash customizes nearly half its jewelry.

Five measures of perfection

You’ve heard of the traditional four “C”s to size up a diamond – carat, clarity, color and cut. Some of the best diamond-raters have added a fifth “C” to that list: cut grade. Use these measures to make sure you get the right diamond for your needs, especially when buying one sight unseen.

CARAT refers to a diamond’s weight, not its size.
Fact: A carat is one-fifth of a gram.
Tip: A lighter rock will likely fetch a lower price per carat, but that 0.9-carat diamond will sparkle more than a 1.0-carat example if the cutter trimmed its excess weight correctly. The lesson: Heavier isn’t always better.

CLARITY is the degree to which a diamond is free of flaws.
Fact: Flaws cut a gem’s price.
Tip: The naked eye would easily see the flaws in a stone with the GIA’s clarity code of I2. A non-gemologist using a magnifying lens would have difficulty seeing flaws in a diamond graded VVS1.

COLOR refers to a diamond’s transparency.
Fact: As a rule, the more transparent the ice, the higher its price.
Tip: Compromises on color may escape unnoticed. A nearly colorless stone will look the same to an untrained eye as a colorless stone (with a higher grade) but will cost less.

CUT refers to a diamond’s shape and style.
Fact: A diamond’s shape (round or square, for example) and style (such as brilliant, with facets radiating outward) are factors that together make up the stone’s cut.
Tip: Cut can make a diamond appear larger or smaller than its carat weight.

CUT GRADE (NEW) judges brilliance and sparkle, plus other factors.
Fact: Cut grade is the most important indicator of a diamond’s wow effect. Fewer than 5% of diamonds on the market would earn high marks if given a cut grade.
Tip: Stones with similar cut grades should be priced about the same.

Whiteflash custom jewelry creations have received critical acclaim for distinctive beauty and finest make. Each year they bring thousands of client-inspired pieces to life with skill and elegance. No one offers better quality or value. All Whiteflash products are created with materials of the highest quality and all carry our lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

The Whiteflash signature collection, ‘A Cut Above’® Diamond is the only Hearts and Arrows diamond sold online with advertised standards and a “true patterning” guarantee.

Whiteflash is known for only using conflict fee diamonds and boasting their signature ‘A Cut Above‘ (ACA) line of ‘superideal’ diamonds acclaimed for their visual balance.

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