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14 Excellent Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry

wedding jewelry
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On the special day of your wedding, you would definitely wish to look like an angel. Everything you wear will definitely add to your beauty and wedding jewelry forms an essential part of your wedding attire. The jewelry you wear should match with your gown and should also be comfortable to wear. Of course, you want your jewelry to attract the guests but you don?t want it to beat the wedding gown you wear. Any accessory that you chose to wear should compliment your wedding gown.

Choosing the right wedding jewelry will not only augment your looks but will also help to enhance the beauty of your wedding gown. For many brides, wedding jewelry is a piece of love and commitment that will be with them forever. Here are some tips for you if you are a young bride looking for a guide to choose your wedding jewelry:

1. When you are looking for choosing your bridal jewelry, decide if you are going to purchase or rent the jewelry. If you feel that wedding jewelry is just part of your wedding occasion, you can choose hiring wedding jewelry. When you search online, you can find a number of shops that offer wedding jewelry for hire. You can also borrow the jewelry from your friend and wear it during your wedding. Your guests care less for how you obtained the jewelry but they care more for how you look on your special day.

wedding jewelry
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2. The wedding jewelry you wear should match with your wedding gown. So finalize what your wedding gown is and place the order before you shop for wedding jewelry. The color of the wedding gown is the first factor that will determine your wedding jewelry. When you have your wedding gown ready, you can easily decide the jewelry you are going to wear that will augment your gown. The pattern and the design of the gown also have influence on the jewelry you are going to buy.

3. Don?t postpone the purchase of wedding jewelry. Most jewelry can be purchased as it is from the store but for some cases, you may have to place an order or request the shop owner to make some changes in the jewelry. You want your jewelry to flatter your appearance and hence you should start the shopping for jewelry once you have purchased your wedding gown. You can start the shopping with your nearby jewelry shop but when you search on the net, you can find number of designs and patterns of wedding jewelry especially suitable for weddings.

4. Your wedding band is obviously an important piece of your wedding jewelry and the rings you wear should augment the wedding band. Wedding jewelry you wear must highlight your wedding band that brings new meaning to your life.

wedding jewelry
photo from Kristene

5. Based on the model of your wedding gown, you have to first determine what jewelry you are going to wear. It depends on your taste but to some extent, you have to match your groom?s taste too for determining the jewelry you wish to wear. You can wear necklace, stud, bracelets that match the design of your wedding gown. Choose the type of jewelry that will be well exposed by the pattern of your wedding gown. There is no point in wearing jewels if they are hidden by your gown. You should not overload yourself with jewels.

6. The wedding jewelry you choose should match the theme of your wedding. If you have planned for a traditional wedding, simple pearl necklaces will do well. Rather, for themed wedding you have to choose the jewels that match with your theme and decorations in your wedding gown. You can also make flower patterns and other designs in your wedding jewelry that match with the themed decoration in your wedding.

7. Choose your wedding jewelry based on the time of your wedding. If you are getting wedded in the morning, flashy jewelry will not look great. Elegant, classy and fashionable jewelry can be chosen for daytime weddings. For evening weddings, you can add great effects by wearing flashy jewels that have crystals on them. The night light and the reflection by the crystals will add beauty to your face. The jewelry you choose should augment your skin as well as your complexion in the lights.

wedding jewelry
photo from Megan Elisabeth Photography’s

8. Purchase your wedding jewelry that fits on your budget. If you are capable of making your own jewelry, take some time and assemble the craft pieces to make an excellent craft jewelry. Rich and glamorous bride can go for diamond jewelry. They are great and look classy on any women. You can also choose gold or platinum jewels for your wedding. Budget conscious brides can go for artificial jewels that are made of silver or other materials. These types of jewels are also available in beautiful designs that match your wedding gown.

9. Some families have the habit of presenting family jewels for the bride to wear during the ceremony. If you are going to wear other pieces of jewelry, purchase your jewels that match with the pieces that you are going to wear for sure. Ask your groom about the jewel to be presented at the time of wedding so that your jewels compliment each other when they are worn.

10. The wedding jewelry you choose should match with the design and the pattern of your wedding gown. If your gown contains embellishments that shine and glow, then you have to choose elegant jewelry that looks classy. Simple wedding gowns demand highly decorative jewelry that flatters the look of the gown.

wedding jewelry
photo from slightclutter

11. The neckline and the sleeve patterns determine the type of jewelry you wear. For a wedding gown with deep neckline, jewelry with strong pendants will look great. If your gown has a closed neck in the front, then you can add beauty to it with excellent hanging earrings. Strapless gowns will look awesome with a heavy choker and matching earrings.

12. If you want to add colors to your wedding, you can choose to use colored crystals matching the theme of your wedding gown. These types of jewels look extremely beautiful with gowns having fewer decorations.

13. Pearls are always great as wedding jewelry. They look classy and suit well for traditional weddings. For themed weddings, you can choose colored pearls that are majestic and beautiful.

14. If you are a kind of person for whom your wedding jewelry is a showcasing piece for your love life, then you have to carefully choose your wedding jewelry. The jewelry you select should be such that it can be worn with other dresses also. Your wedding gown will rest your wardrobe and it is your wedding jewelry that you can wear during different occasions.

Many brides spend more time and money for purchasing their wedding jewelry but miss to care for other accessories like handbags and shoes. The other accessories you choose should match your wedding gown as well as the wedding jewelry. If you have a tight budget, you can go for cubic zirconia jewelry, otherwise pick gold or diamond jewels to turn your wedding jewelry as an investment too. When you choose such jewelry, you can very well wear them on different occasion in combination with different dresses.

wedding jewelry
photo from Megan Elisabeth Photography’s

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6 Responses to “14 Excellent Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry”

  1. 1
    Anne@wedding jewelry gifts Says:

    You have given a lot of good advice on choosing wedding jewelry. I seldom see someone cover both the economics (budget) and all the aspects of style. It is difficult to balance the desire for the perfect look while keeping the costs in mind too. Good job.

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    Thanks Anne…I have seen your site too…a nice one =)

    I believe brides should also know how not to overspend for their weddings. :p

  3. 3
    Sasha Says:

    I was able to find some nice pearl jewelry for my wedding from this website I found searching the web.

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    Sasha Says:

    I found this website searching the web for pearl jewelry. The prices were good and I decided to buy pearl earrings for my maids and I bought a pearl set for myself. I was able to stay in my budget as well.

  5. 5
    Sarah@SterlingSilverChains Says:

    These are some really great tips on choosing wedding jewelry. One thing that I would add from my own experience is that if you are on a really tight budget, buy fresh water pearls. They are much cheaper than salt water pears, and look the same.

  6. 6
    Sarah@SterlingSilverChains Says:

    These are some really great tips. One this I would add is that if you are on a super tight budget, buy fresh water pearls, rather than salt water pearls. They are much cheaper and look about the same.

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