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Everyday of showering … love

Everyday is a new day for us…for us to know and understand each other better.

Everyday is a day of saying “I love you” and planting gentle kisses on each other’s cheeks and lips.

Everyday is thanking my partner for trusting me, loving me and for treating me for I really am.

There is no need to be the ideal someone that we have always wanted to be.

There is no need to be the ideal prince or princess who we once wanted to be.

There is no need to look beyond what we already have.

I know what I have always wanted is always here beside me: Love from those who love me.

I remember a story of the family of a chick.

The chick was well-taken care of by the mother hen while the rooster went out to look for food.

When the chick grew up and could move around, the mother hen brought it out of their home.

And while the mother hen and the chick were exploring the environment, the rooster’s role is like a protector, guarding his family to the extent. .. to the extent … to the extent …

of getting himself killed if it can save his family from harm…

… … …

… … …

I want to be the rooster … >.<

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