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Repost: Indoor Evening Gown Series (Part 5 of Steven & Eileen?s photo shoot)


Today, this wedding blog will be featuring the couple in the evening gown series. For ladies,

there is a much more variety of evening gowns to be chosen. A tip before you go for your trying is to have a rough idea what your likings are. You may want to flip through some bridal magazines and cut out the pages showing the designs that you want. Show it to your wedding coordinator and she will help you get those gowns with the designs you want.


Different gowns come with different accessories and hairstyles.

Do communicate well with your coordinator and your hair stylist. ;P
Eileen in her evening gown

Generally, guys will have an easier time to choose what to wear. As mentioned in the earlier post, ladies may take up 2 full days while guys may just take up at most 2 hours. Meanhwile, the groom got to play a supportive role in encouraging the bride to choose the gown she likes most, give her some ideas and opinions (don?t just say ?anything la?) and help out in anyway he can such as giving the bride water to drink as it is not convenient for her to walk around in the gowns.

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