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3 Creative Wedding Invitations For Your Wedding!

Wedding Invitations

I am so delighted. I have just received a wedding invitation from my friend who is going to get married soon.

Invitations somehow set the tone of the nuptials and tell the guests the style of the wedding.

All can be seen from the look of the wedding invitations.

However, there is no need to spend a boom on getting expensive wedding invitations.

Let me share with you 3 creative wedding invitations for your wedding without you overblowing your budget.

1. Floral patterns
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16 Innovative Ideas On Inviting Your Friends To Your Big Day!

wedding invitations
photo from k.james

There are many stages that you have to go through when planning a wedding and one of the first and most important is to send out the wedding invitations, so that everyone can attend and plan ahead of time to be there. This can be a boring and tedious task, but there are some fun ways to invite your friends and family.

1. An idea is to put your invitations inside a fancy parcel or pretty box. This can be an interesting way to receive a wedding invite and you can even include some glitter, chocolates or mini soaps for each person.
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Wedding DIY Wedding Cards

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I have asked my friend who wanted to make her wedding into a special one.

She wants to DIY her wedding invitation cards.

As much as she wanted to, she has no time. She had to work from morning to night and by the time, she reaches home, she is totally exhausted.

But she still wanted to. But she is not doing anything about. Work and wedding planning had sapped almost all her energy away.

How many of us were like her when we were planning our wedding?

Wanting to do alot but having little energy and time, there is little we can do.

In fact, the very common items we can DIY are wedding inivtation cards, wedding corsages, wedding favors.

The list can go on. You can eevn sew your own wedding gown if you want to. Some brides even ask their friends to help decorate the wedding dinner venue, bringing in their flower stands with fresh flowers.

I guess wedding should be as simple as possible. Less to coordinate even though there are endless stuff to finalise.

I remembered I had another friend who DIY her wedding invitation cards…but she printed from her home printer and folded them into a card.

Some wedding couples treated their cards like a unique art-work and every card is different.

Below are some cards you may want to start off with.

wedding invitation cards
from purelyhandmade.co.uk

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