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Anniversary Poem

Just to post something light for this weekend, I want to share with you a poem.

This is poem in this post is a contribution from a friend, Amy who owns a poem website called www.Poemstogo.tv

wedding gift

In any case if you wish to present a wedding poem instead of a wedding speech as a gift, you can always go to this poem website for reference.

So here you go:

This is an example of a real life anniversary poem Amy created for a loving couple from their darling grand daughter.

Title: Happy 60th Grandma and Grandpa

“Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Grandma and Grandpa, all those days
Living and loving in your ways.
Gosh oh gee its really fine,
Look whats coming November 2-9!

Anniversary day for this great pair,
A day for walking on the air.
Grandma and Grandpa, can it be?
A number north ofwowsixty!

It caps a life, it begs a coda
To the golden duo of Sarasota.
So many years of wedded bliss
Just so great its come to this.

Still so young in all your ways,
Fun in life- – an ongoing phase.
And how about the way they flirt?
In love as ever so easy to assert.

And what a life, right at the core
They had daughters who number four.
Eleven grandkids bring up the rest
And four great-grandkids thats the best!

Grandma and Grandpa, oh me oh my!
Luxuriating out on your lanai.
And lest we be accused of babble,
So nice the way you still play scrabble.

And all those trips to Busch Gardens shows,
It thrills you right from head to toes.
Grandma cooking, it serves her stead,
Shes still a wizard baking bread.

But Grandpa, too, hes into sports,
Just see him on the tennis courts.
Theyre into life, theyre into fun
Still call each other Honey Bun.

Nights in leather chairs by the set,
You know theyre there, its a sure bet.
And what a pair, what a doozie,
With em there is sweet pooch Susie.

Twas years ago, to take a chance
They met, good fortune, at a dance.
He asked her out on the dance floor
They cut a rug and danced some more.

Yes, Grandpa said it, he wasnt flitty,
I liked that galand shes so pretty!
They danced all night, they made sparks fly,
They didnt want to say goodbye.

Grandpa asked to drive her home,
Grandma didnt want to stay alone.
But the car wouldnt start, poor Grandpa balked
No big deal and so they walked.

That was some sixty years ago,
But it seems like yesterday, you know.
They fell in love and soon got linked,
Sixty years like one eye blink.

Now the family sends their love
To Grandpa, dear, and his sweet love.
Youre just the best, the both of you
And we couldnt wish more for you two.

So on this day, this great event,
Our dreams for you are heaven sent.
With so much love and words of joy,
To the greatest Grandma and her dear old boy!



A short introduction of Here at Poems To Go.TV:
They create customized verse, speeches and toasts for all types of lovely occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays and weddings.

This poem is free to be distributed. Just remember to give credit back to Amy or you can contact her at amy@poemstogo.tv

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